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Reserves Drop To Lows Not Seen Since October 2017



Bitcoin spot reserves continue the recent trend of decline as values now stand at the lowest since October 2017. This shows the supply shock is tightening its grip.

Bitcoin Supply Shock Narrative Grows Further As Spot Reserves Decline To October 2017 Levels

As pointed out by a CryptoQuant post, BTC spot reserves have dropped down to lows not seen since October 2017.

The spot reserves is a Bitcoin indicator that shows the total amount of coins held on wallets of all spot exchanges.

When the value of the metric goes up, it means there is now an increase in the supply of BTC for selling and altcoin purchasing. Such a change can drive the price of the coin down.

On the other hand, the supply of BTC reduces on spot exchanges when the value of the reserve shows a decline. This behavior can be bullish for the coin in the long term.

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Now, here is a chart that shows the trend in the value of the indicator over the last few years:

Bitcoin Supply Shock vs Price

BTC spot reserves continue to decline | Source: CryptoQuant

The above graph shows some interesting trends in the value of the indicator. First, during the 2017 bull run, the reserve shot up and attained very high values.

Next, these high values sustained as the curve mostly flattened for years except for a stretch around 2019 where the metric saw even higher values before dropping back to the same levels as before around the start of 2020.

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When 2020 hit, however, the trend changed and the BTC spot reserves started dropping off. This continued into 2021, where the values dropped down even faster.

Now, the indicator has reached the same levels as October 2017. That is, the values that were there before the 2017 bull run surged them.

Such a decrease in the reserves could mean there is a supply shock brewing up in Bitcoin. This could end up being bullish for the crypto.

BTC Price

At the time of writing, Bitcoin’s price floats around $54.3k, up 15% in the last seven days. Over the past month, the crypto has gained 18% in value.

The below chart shows the trend in the price of the coin over the last three months:

Bitcoin Price Chart

BTC's price shows a big move up | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView

The coin’s latest sharp move up took it past the $55k level for the first time since May of this year. Today, the crypto surged up to as high as $55.9k before dropping back down to the current price mark. If the supply shock continues like this, then perhaps it will be beneficial for the crypto’s value in the long term.


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Grayscale Report Shows The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly Of The Cardano Network



Cardano featured in the latest release of the Grayscale Building Blocks, a monthly publication from one of the leading crypto funds in the world. The report focused solely on the third-largest cryptocurrency by market cap. An exposé of sorts. The report went through various aspects of Cardano, including its creation, leadership, community, and so forth.

Cardano is the third-largest holding of Grayscale in its GDLC Fund (Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund). This is why the asset manager has taken a vested interest in the asset and is educating its investors on one of its largest crypto holdings. In the report, the pros and cons of the network are outlined. Along with the upgrades which are being carried out on the network to put it in a favorable position to compete with other large cryptocurrencies in the market.

Competing With The Market

As time went on, the way the Cardano network was structured had unveiled a flaw in its design. Once decentralized finance gained popularity, it became obvious that the blockchain would not be able to compete on the same level as Ethereum due to its lack of smart contracts capability. Developers had then begun to work on launching smart contracts capability on the network, which became a reality on September 12th, 2021. But it came years behind other leading smart contracts networks.

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With smart contracts capability present in the Cardano ecosystem, the question becomes if users will adopt it. There already exist blockchains with booming decentralized finance markets. So they would need a compelling reason to move over to Cardano.

“The trade-off of Cardano’s approach has also resulted in its biggest weaknesses, which include: a historical lack of smart contract capabilities, an unproven track-record for how well dApps will function, a still maturing third-party developer ecosystem, lack of widespread mainnet dApps, ad lower transaction fee revenue.”

Cardano price chart from TradingView.com

ADA price maintains position above $2 | Source: ADAUSD on TradingView.com

Since the network is yet to be tested, there is still skepticism in the community as to how well decentralized applications will work on the blockchain. Developers obviously have their work cut out for them.

Cardano Competitive Advantages

The Grayscale report also outlines the advantages of the blockchain over others. Its leadership remains one of the strongest components of the project. The Cardano community has always remained loyal to founder Charles Hoskinson, who has continued to share his vision for the project with the community at every turn. As such, inspires continued support for the asset no matter how the price may be doing.

Decentralization is also an important feature of the Cardano blockchain. A fully open-source project, the Shelly upgrade had spread the core network consensus amongst thousands of participants. Its native token, ADA, is held by millions of people around the world and can easily be bought and sold on exchanges both big and small.

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Last but not least, the blockchain has strong funding sources. Its treasury balances currently sit at $1.6 billion, giving the network a competitive advantage when it comes to growing and upgrading its ecosystem as technology in the crypto space changes.

Featured image from CryptoPotato, chart from TradingView.com


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What is BBP on the example of Nominex



After reading this article, you will find out how you can trade on the world’s most popular Binance exchange without any commissions at all and at the same time have additional passive income. This is exclusive but rather intricate information, so please be patient and let’s dive deeper.

The platform we will talk about is Nominex.

Previously, it was just a centralized exchange, but now it is a whole ecosystem that has already brought several unique products to the market, including ones in the currently popular DeFi direction.

What is Farming in a nutshell

For an average person, DeFi farming is quite a difficult notion to understand.

But in this article, we will crack this nut effortlessly.

There are decentralized exchanges like Uniswap or PancakeSwap. They work entirely on smart contracts. And to change one coin for another in these exchanges, you need the smart contract to store a sufficient number of both coins.

This storage of two coins for a trading pair in a smart contract is called a liquidity pool. And the more coins are injected into this liquidity pool, the more favorable prices you can sell or buy coins through this liquidity pool. In fact, a pool of liquidity in decentralized exchanges is a DOM (Depth Of Market) in centralized exchanges.

Farming Steps

Let’s look at the steps using the NMX-USDT liquidity pool as an example.

  • First off, equal proportions of NMX and USDT coins are sent to the liquidity pool.
  • In return, the liquidity pool sends you special liquidity pool tokens (LP tokens). This is a kind of deposit agreement, which will, later on, allow you to send the tokens of the liquidity pool back to the liquidity pool so that it returns the funds invested back to you.
  • Next, you send the received LP tokens to another smart contract, which distributes NMX tokens in accordance to your share of LP tokens in the pool, which is essentially called farming. This reward in the form of NMX tokens is the motivation to fund the pool with liquidity so that other people can trade at better prices.

How is farming related to DeFi (decentralized finance) technology?

Everything here is based on smart contracts. No one controls either the liquidity pool or the process of distributing tokens through farming. So, the funds that you send to the liquidity pool are not sent to the Nominex exchange and not to the wallets that it controls, but to a smart contract that has been audited for security by Alexey Makeev, unhash.io representative. From this smart contract you can successfully withdraw your funds back at any time.

Concerning token allocation

  • The process of farming will last for 72 years with healthy, deflationary tokenomics on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain, which ensures faster transaction speed and the lowest fees on the market.
  • During this time, 200 million NMX tokens will be distributed
  • NMX is a BEP-20 token. The current price of NMX token is 24$
  • The liquidity pool is hosted on the well-established decentralized exchange PancakeSwap.
  • Obviously, the pair of NMX and USDT tokens required for the liquidity pool must be in BEP-20 format.

The annual profitability for farming in NMX tokens is currently about 190% per annum with weekly reinvestment.

The yield is calculated as the dollar equivalent of the farmed NMX tokens for the year in relation to the funds invested into the liquidity pool. But at any time a user can withdraw both the farmed tokens and the total amount of invested funds from the liquidity pool.

There is only one risk and that is if the price of the NMX token begins to fall, as in general, in any other coin. Then a user might run into impermanent loss.

But let’s look at the price chart of the NMX token

The token was launched on February 25, 2021 and since then has shown tremendous resilience over time, unlike most other launched projects.

While the entire crypto market underwent a correction, the NMX token was doing great however with time its price went down due to reduced funds in the liquidity pools. The secret of this result lies precisely in the utility of the farming process, which we will now consider.

Nominex is the first centralized exchange to integrate DeFi into a centralized product in such an elegant and efficient way.

The idea is as follows:

  • Depending on the amount of funds that you put in the liquidity pool for farming, Nominex credits you with a certain level inside the Nominex
  • The higher your level, the more discounts on trading commissions within the exchange and the higher the affiliate program rewards.
  • For instance, if you put 10K dollars into farming, then you are assigned a maximum level that allows you to trade with zero commissions, that is, completely free.
  • Moreover, the maximum level allows you to receive up to 40% every day from the farmed NMX tokens by your referrals through the affiliate program. This is another unique feature called Team Farming which is implemented in Nominex and nowhere else

Nominex Levels

At MAX level, the exchange allows you to trade completely without commissions and allows you to receive the highest rewards under the referral program from all people in the partner team, both for farming and for trading.

Affiliate program

Next, let’s focus on the affiliate program because the model of this affiliate program is unique for both farming and the exchange.

If a user constantly shares the referral link to his friends, in the nearest future he will be surprised by the increase in the size of the team. The farming rewards will be received from people a user doesn’t even know about. Thanks to the binary model, not only those who have registered using the referral link, but also all the people down the chain fall into the team. And as mentioned before bonuses are received from all of them.

The essence of a binary affiliate program is that a user earns from the weak team. If you see that your strong team is already powerful, then your task is to develop the weak one. To do that, just flip the switch in the “my referral tree” tab so that all subsequent direct referrals go to the weak team.

Let’s briefly repeat how to make money on the affiliate program:

  • Up to 20% of all tokens farmed by your direct referrals at the maximum level. Even if you have nothing on a weak team at all.
  • 20% from all farmed tokens in total by all people from a weak team.

In addition, don’t forget about 200% per annum from regular personal farming, where you don’t need to invite anyone to register using your referral link.

Moreover, Nominex figured out how to motivate people to farm for as long as possible – the profitability from farming over time can be increased up to 10 times.

At first glance, the affiliate program with an infinite number of levels looks a lot like a pyramid scheme. But in reality, NMX tokens are distributed on the market through farming mechanics according to a strict schedule. When only a fixed number of tokens, prescribed in the smart contract algorithm, can be released on the market every day. This is achieved through the principle of proportionality of the distribution of tokens among all participants under the affiliate program.

Taking into account the growth in the number of farming participants and Nominex users, there is an increasing demand for NMX tokens with a fixed supply. According to the laws of economics, that usually leads to an increase in the price of an asset.

The weekly pools are growing and will continue to grow during the first year.

They will continue to grow until a decline that will continue for 70 years. This essentially imitates the process of Bitcoin halving.

Distribution follows a strict schedule. And now the daily pool is already 11 000 NMX tokens. During the first 15 months, the weekly pool will gradually increase by 4% every week. Farming will reach 17 000 NMX per day in 15 months. In other words, this is the phase of growth in the number of farming participants, for which a sufficient supply of tokens is needed.

For the next 70 years, the pool will decrease weekly.

In other words, this phase slows down  the release of tokens, while forming a deficit.

The distribution system is designed for 72 years. Surely, it’s too early to look that far. In the future a large community may be formed –  the referral tree, in which, due to the spillover effect, a user will receive most of his referral bonuses from users he does not even know personally.

The best for the last

Nominex users will be able to trade on Binance for free. The thing is that Nominex is preparing to become a Binance broker right now – this functionality is already developed

In fact, you will be able to trade on Nominex with all the trading pairs available on Binance. All Binance liquidity will be available on Nominex. The users’ funds will also be stored in Binance wallets. Thus, Nominex will get rid of its main drawback – a small number of coins, trading pairs and low liquidity.

At the same, the conditions of free trading for MAX partnership level owners and discounts for other levels will also persevere.

All of the above will make the trading process on Nominex as profitable and safe as possible.


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Bitcoin S2F Creator PlanB Thinks BTC Will Reach $135k By December



Creator of the popular Bitcoin price prediction chart “stock-to-flow”, PlanB, puts $135k target for BTC by December 2021.

What Is The Bitcoin Stock-To-Flow Model?

The BTC stock-to-flow (S2F in short) method is a price prediction model popularized by PlanB. S2F is based on the ratio between the stock (current supply) and the flow (annual production).

It’s often thought that PlanB is the creator of the S2F model itself, however, that isn’t the case. The method has been used in the past for other assets like gold and silver, but PlanB was the first to implement it for Bitcoin. In this way, PlanB is the creator of the Bitcoin S2F chart, although not the core concept itself.

The stock-to-flow value of an asset like BTC shows how scarce it is. The model relates this value with the price and gives a prediction based on that.

Here is the latest price chart based on the S2F model for BTC:

Bitcoin S2F PlanB

Bitcoin price according to the S2F model | Source: buybitcoinworldwide

As is visible in the above chart, the method has been remarkably close to the real thing in its predictions. Although there have been a few points of deviation, the price has always eventually aligned back on the curve.

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PlanB Thinks BTC Could Reach $135k By December

At the start of the month, PlanB listed out their Bitcoin targets in a Tweet. Earlier, the analyst had targets of above $47k for August and above $43k for September, both of which the tweet confirms have been met.

Next targets for the S2F popularizer include more than $63k for October, above $98k for November, and finally at least $135k for December.

According to the S2F model, Bitcoin should reach $100k by December and these targets seem to be in line with that.

Reaching $100k by December will be a make or break moment for the famed price prediction model as the month is only a couple of months away now. At the moment, BTC’s price floats around $47.6k, up 10% in the last seven days.

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Here is a chart showing the trend in the price of BTC over the last five days:

Bitcoin Price Chart

BTC's price seems to have flattened in the last few days after a sharp move up | Source: BTCUSD on TradingView

Bitcoin volatility had seemed to have made a return over the last few weeks as the price showed a lot of chaotic movements over the month of September.

But the coin’s value has again flattened now and it’s unclear when a move in either direction will happen. Though if the S2F model is anything to go by, a move up will need to happen soon.


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Decentralized Oracles On Ethereum Mainnet



Umbrella Network, the decentralized Layer-2 oracle solution, has officially launched on Ethereum Mainnet. The company made this announcement on its blog on Friday.

Umbrella Network is a community-owned Layer-2 oracle network that batches data for providing low-cost, scalable, and secure data. It utilizes the advances in Merkle tree technology to write multiple data points on a single on-chain transaction, making batching data to smart contracts more accurate and cost-effective. Umbrella network believes a community-owned oracle solution is essential to creating a truly decentralized financial system.

Blockchain Oracles Explained

Most blockchains have cryptocurrencies that are used to transfer value and enable the operations of the protocol. Some blockchains also enable Smart contracts.

According to Wikipedia, a smart contract is a computer program or a transaction protocol that is intended to automatically execute, control, or document legally relevant events and actions according to the terms of a contract or an agreement. The objectives of smart contracts are the reduction of need in trusted intermediates, arbitrations, and enforcement costs, fraud losses, as well as the reduction of malicious and accidental exceptions.

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However, there needs to be a way for blockchains and on-chain smart contracts to make use of external, off-chain data for smart contracts to have any real-world applications.

Ethereum.org clearly defines what an oracle is, the oracle problem, and how decentralized oracles solve it. “An oracle is a bridge between the blockchain and the real world. They act as on-chain APIs you can query to get information into your smart contracts. This could be anything from price information to weather reports. Oracles can also be bi-directional, used to “send” data out to the real world.”

Blockchain (e.g. Ethereum) transactions cannot access off-chain data directly. At the same time, relying on a single source of truth to provide data is insecure and invalidates the decentralization of a smart contract. This is known as the oracle problem.

This oracle problem can be avoided by using a decentralized oracle that pulls from multiple data sources; if one data source is hacked or fails, the smart contract will still function as intended.

Umbrella Network claims its decentralized network is a superior solution to its competitors. It provides comparatively quick and affordable price feeds. It also says that it would make available more data pairs (currently 1,200 data pairs growing to over 10,000 by end of 2021) than any other oracle in the ecosystem.

According to Cointelegraph, the need for reliable data feeds appears to be growing as smart contract technology becomes more mainstream. For example, Brazil’s main stock exchange is exploring ways to provide data inputs for the country’s central bank digital currency (CBDC) project.

Umbrella Network Mainnet Launch On Ethereum

Umbrella Network’s mainnet launch on Ethereum means that it deployed Smart contracts on the Ethereum Blockchain. This means that Ethereum-based dApps can communicate with Umbrella Network code in the live environment — requesting and getting data that is reliable, comprehensive, and cost-effective.

ETHUSD Chart on TradingView.com

ETH price at $3,431 | Source: ETHUSD on TradingView.com

Speaking on the mainnet launch, founding partner Sam Kim said, “We are absolutely thrilled to be able to achieve this important milestone. We will now be able to serve the needs of the largest DeFi community with our decentralized oracles, and look to address real challenges the community faces when it comes to the high cost, low availability of data offerings in the ecosystem today.”

The company has been busy with acquisitions and new products in recent months. In May, the network launched on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) mainnet. Umbrella network also stated its plans for future cross-chain integration with Polygon, Solana, Cardano, and Avalanche, in the coming months. In the same breath, it mentioned the launch of its in-house developed Token Bridge next week. This enables seamless transfers of $UMB across all supported Blockchains.

Featured image by @UmbNetwork on Twitter, Chart from TradingView.com


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Several advantages of using Netdania


A pioneer of streaming pricing technology and charting for online applications, NetDania quickly became a basically major provider of sophisticated charting packages after its inception in 1999 in a subtle way.

Activities of Netdania basically have increased since then in a sort of big way. This includes Netdania expanded to workstations (with or without trading), pretty low latency data streams, as well as mobile apps, demonstrating how this includes Netdania expanded to workstations (with or without trading), very low latency data streams, as well as mobile apps, which really is fairly significant. App Store users kind of have definitely ranked NetDania as the highest-reviewed mobile app for finance in really worldwide App Stores since 2012, or so they mostly thought

Netdania’s Contracts:

We’re excited to basically announce a new partnership with Samsung Electronics to particularly promote the NetDania mobile application in the spring of 2014, fairly contrary to popular belief. Customers may customize and brand all NetDania applications according to their kind of needs in a sort of big way.

What are the most important characteristics of Netdania?

At Netdania the cloud solutions that we definitely have developed fairly in-house form the foundation of our services in a fairly big way. On a definitely daily basis, they service thousands of simultaneous users and mostly provide millions of particularly weekly notifications in a generally timely manner, actually contrary to popular belief.

Because of our ultra-low data latency, our excellent dependability, our 24-hour online help, and over 15 years of expertise with completely hosted solutions, NetDania particularly has an exceptional customer satisfaction rating, so on a particular daily basis, they service thousands of simultaneous users and essentially provide millions of very weekly notifications in a really timely manner in a really major way.

The market’s perception of Netdania’s reputation:

In the corporate FX market, NetDania really has established a generally strong position with definitely major banks, brokers, currency managers, and experts across the world, or so they particularly thought.

Although NetDania essentially is privately owned by its generally Danish founders, the company particularly is based in Copenhagen, London, and Craiova, Romania in an actual big way. Read more about convert bitcoin to naira.

The use of Netdania has several advantages:

For websites, apps, and desktop applications, Netdania basically is the world’s almost the fastest HTML5 chart available in a subtle way. It has several advantages listed below.

Netdania’s Speed is the best.
Netdania’s Cross-Platform Use is the best!
Netdania’s Deployment: Best of the Rest
Netdania’s Trades with the most potential from the chart
Netdania’s It’s the best in integration!
What sort of notifications does Netdania provide?
Notifications of Rate
Watch for trend-line alerts
What is included in NetDania’s Economic Calendar?
News on the economy in particular real-time.
Economic facts from the sort of past in a very big way.
It may basically be used as a stand-alone or integrated into a kind of other platforms, which kind of is fairly significant.

Netdania: Why should someone use it?

It mostly is the general goal of Netdania to basically produce solutions that will actually help traders for the most part make the sort of better trading decisions, which will result in definitely larger returns with fairly less risk in a subtle way. In addition to being for all intents and purposes easy to use, Netdania”s products for mobile and desktop kind of have a design that really is for all intents and purposes second to none in a particularly big way. We’re just lucky enough to mostly have fairly great products, which particularly is quite significant.

Convert Bitcoin to Naira


The amount of 1 bitcoin to Naira is 20,512,708.22. Market introduces the calculator which converts the Currency into bitcoin in few seconds. Currency can b converted into bitcoins on current Value. The currency converter tool provides the best options for investors and investments. Recently there has been a declining price of bitcoin and altcoins.

The converting the bitcoin to Naira current and as well as historical rates. The current date is set desire rate strictly use the calculators. It also follows the other 160 international currencies.

Bitcoin to Naira Currency Calculator:

Nigeria has the highest GDP out of all African countries. 40% of its are poor. They continuously try to struggle to improve their conditions through oil exports. A survey in 2020 estimated 32% of Nigerian participation in cryptocurrency. Roundabout $400 million rupees transaction into Nigerians accounts in the form of cryptocurrency. It is the 3rd highest ranked all over the world.

a Nigerian cryptocurrency investor, Tola Fadugbagbe, credits cryptocurrency for lifting him out of poverty. Initially earn from a smaller job. Fadugbagbe now earns enough money from cryptocurrency trading to build his own house and purchase a farm. Read more about eso sip of stamina.

Ease of Banking :

Approximately 60 million Nigerians do not possess a bank account. Due to bank restrictions citizens of Nigeria withdrawal less than $100. The people dealing with cryptocurrency shift to mobile banking. According to the reports of 2017 showed 71% mobile communication and internet access. Cell phones including Xend financial allow them to transfer their funds in the form of Bitcoins. In the form of stable coins provide the added benefit of protecting funds.

Cryptocurrency provides opportunities:

Cryptocurrency in Nigeria brings Educational opportunities. In September 2020 started many campaigns, led by bitcoin. Construction of a new school in the area of sanga.

Paxful is a cryptocurrency exchange platform. Operates on a peer-to-peer basis. Through this operator  1.1 Million monthly bitcoin transactions. Read more about Netdania. Read more about Kraken API.

The new school experts to serve 100 to 120 children from ages 3-6. And provides an adult education facility. This money is used for facilities of education such as water solar power and many more.

The upsurge in cryptocurrency transactions has had an effect on educational opportunities.

Nigeria government Banned Bitcoin:

Nigerian government suddenly banned. the ban threatened to tip it over the edge. It was a serious crisis. According to the bitcoin trading platform after the US Nigeria is for trading. The dollar volume of crypto received $2.4bn up from $684m. In February the government took fright and banned cryptocurrency transactions through licensed banks.

Frozen accounts:

The Nigerian government and bank of Nigeria have not been openly hostile to Crypto. It only prohibited banking services for crypto businesses.

P2P boom:

According to Paxful’s Youssef after the central bank of Nigeria banned transactions in February. Paxful is on pace to have 23% more trades funded with bank transfer than last year 36% more in terms of volume. Nigeria is the largest cryptocurrency dealer and removes its crises through bitcoin.

What is Kraken API?


Kraken API is a mechanism that allows us to automatically trade bitcoins on Kraken using programming. Kraken is an online cryptocurrency exchange app that allows people to trade over 50 currencies and tokens. Kraken also provides OTC, Fiat and spot, futures, and margin transactions.

As one of the most popular US-based marketplaces, Kraken adds a competitive edge to trading. Its API is liked by many algorithmic traders and in this essay, we will study it fully.

Is Kraken API free?

Creating a Kraken account and accessing the Kraken API is entirely free, however, when it comes to trading there are costs. The costs depend on several variables including the assets you’re trading, the network you’re using, monthly market cap, and much more. Read more about What is Kueski Pay.

What are the Kraken API fees?

On Kraken, there are five different sorts of pricing schedules:

Instant Buy
Kraken Pro
Stablecoin & FX Pairs

All Fee scheduling methods explained:

Using the Instant Buy fee schedule on the Kraken App for iOS and Android, you may buy, sell, or convert Bitcoin or other cryptos on Kraken. The cost is 0.9 percent if you purchase stable coins using USD or other stable coins. While buying stable coins with another cryptocurrency incurs a 1.5 percent cost, buying them with fiat currency incurs no fee at all
There are volume incentives built into the Kraken Pro price structure that is based on your prior 30 days of usage. Also, keep in mind that the Instant Buy option doesn’t contribute to the total. Read more about Bitcoin to naira
If a stable coin is the base currency (e.g. USDT/USD), the stable coin & FX charge schedule will apply. For example, if BTC/DAI is the sole quote currency, then the fee schedule in the “Trading” page will be utilized.
At the opening and closure of margin positions, all margin costs are applied on top of the trading fees. Check out https://www.kraken.com/en-us/features/payment-schedules for more details.
There is also a maker-taker fee schedule for futures that does not apply to orders placed in the past that weren’t futures.

Why would I want to utilize Kraken API?

Kraken is available for free download on the web.
Beginners will find Kraken to be straightforward to use.
Has reasonable rates
A nice API is provided by this company
A proven track record of success
Can be easily customized
Wide range of assets to choose from
How can I make an ETH transaction with the Kraken API when BTC has moved by 5% in the previous 5 minutes?

If BTC moves by 5 percent in the last five minutes, the main goal will be to execute an ETH transaction. Therefore, it is necessary to build a loop in which the values of both cryptos are obtained and a percentage change between them is calculated in order to do this.

Otherwise, it will sleep for five minutes and then re-calculate the percentage change. Trading occurs if the percentage change equals or exceeds 5 percent. A few seconds after the transaction is executed, we’ll check to see if it was filled or not. Libraries and APIs will remain the same.

How can I use the Kraken API?

First, we’ll need to get our hands on the API Key, which grants access to secret endpoints. In order to do this, we’ll have to create an account. Click on the “Create Account” button in the upper right corner of the following link:


Why can’t I use Kraken API instead?
Customer service might be sluggish.
Isn’t it personal? (required ID verification)
Lacks a testing environment.
When using Google Sheets, can the Kraken API be used through the sheet?

Yes! By using the API Connector add-on, Google Sheets users may access the Kraken API. Download the add-on from the Google Workspace Marketplace, which can be found here, to get started.

Once the add-on has been installed, it will provide you with a brief tutorial on how to utilize it. The option is available for those who are skeptical or simply wish to view it before installing.

What is Kueski Pay?


It is the forum that allows you to obtain instant credit. Allow to attains a credit for your shop. The lowest purchase is $500 as well as the fortnightly terms. Either with interest or without interest. The maximum Purchases depending on the current promotion. We provide you information about Promotions details in the newsletter. if you cannot find the Kueski Pay option. Then check your purchases. The purchases are higher than the credit that you can get.

Methods of Kueski Pay:

Select the menu, Pay without a card in installment. Select your item Verifying all the information, click on Buy now.
Open your Kueski Pay page and Fill the form and your account would be created.
Then you can come to our page. To finalize your products. And indicate information about your order.

Once you completed all the processes. Shipment will be processed. And your credit can approve. Now the only responsibility you have. To pay Kueski timely. So that you can generate a late continue good credit history. which leaves good impacts.

 Kueski Pay Biweekly Fees:

The email which you share with Kueski. All the information can deliver on that. You can pay through Practicaja or BBVA window, pay by bank transfer. Also, pay through Oxxo. It is a 100% secure payment. That you find an affiliated business for payments. Now go online shopping without a card. Read more about Kraken API. Read more about Convert 0.05 BTC to USD

Working of Kueski Pay:

The minimum amount that you have to deposit is 500MXN. And the maximum 300MXN. It can change according to circumstances. You have to pay in 3 months. Kueski pay is very friendly, It can not force you to pay every week. Be careful if you can not pay on time interest can start to add. And the bad thing is you cannot able to buy it with.

Is kueski Safe?

When every money has come. You have to need satisfaction through the company. Kueski understands your concerns. So that to make the customer satisfied gives you credit guarantee. Millions of the customers are inspired by services and security. They Make sure that your data is saved which you share with them. Kueski pay loan is the best security evidence for you. Customers can communicate at any time through various mediums. They have an experts panel for helping you. Remove all the tensions. These services make space in Clint’s heart. Which is beneficial for the Future.

Kueski helps you with your House loan. to invest in your business. Customers enjoy excellent services. Have a transparent Organization. You will not face extra interest. only 1.16% per day. Kueski withdraws money from your account. Kueski pay is not charged in chines. Because of authorization. The company collects the money directly From the Customer’s account. No extra charges to remove money from your account.

Benefits Kueski customers:

If clients are up to date with their payments, Kueski shares the latter with them. Opportunities to received discounts on their interests. The extension fee can be divide Monthly, Biweekly, or daily. These extensions as long as the person cannot verify difficulties to pay. Such as personal problems, Unemployed, health issues, financial crises. As well as the death of a family member.

These extensions have specific methods through which to avail it. Kueski can serve during the working days as well as on Weekends. They can work on customers’ opinions. Because their customer is like their family.


Convert 0.05 BTC to USD


Bitcoins have naturally in their value over time. The people who are dealing with CryptoCurrency. The has claimed that COVID-19 completely change the value. Assets never earn like before with crypto.

The current Value of 0.05BTC is equal to 2317.91USD. The cryptocurrency or bitcoin is symbol B all over the world.

Currency [Matrix] is a free converter. Exchange rates updates every new day. This currency will mature day by day.

Cryptocurrency Profit:

If you have business in crypto. It is a must to know the conversation 0.05 BTC to USD. There are various methods through which you can do so. Sometimes during trade, you have to need to change. Local currency into bitcoin. Read more about Doug Kass on the market

Learn Converting of BTC to USD:

Converting Cryptocurrency is very simple. In our Real-world transfer. PayPal, cash credits, etc. There is a certain factor for cashing Cryptocurrency.

First method: opt for third-party dealer exchanges. Most bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Cannot allow fiat currency to deposit funds. Once the deal is final. You can withdraw your Currency. You would have to deposit first. After that easily use the benefits.

When cashing out which is you invest in crypto through a dealer. It will take few days the money for the deposit of money into your account.

If you still have a problem with Bitcoin to United States Dollars. The respective persons use the Swift Payment method.

Method of Exchange money without any delay:

If you do not want to wait. In the conversation of your money. You may you authentic and verified peer-to-peer Bitcoin network.

The selling Bitcoin method is complete on your own. you can decide the amount. These are some simple methods are given below:

The currency buyer can deposit cash on your account. You have to collect prof before the crypto trading.
Money can also exchange face to face. it is a very fast and reliable money exchange method. Because no bank or institute is involved. No extra tax can be applied. And the currency depending upon the Current BTC price.
The authenticity of the buyer should be confirming before bank transfer. To convert 0.05BTC to USD as per conversion. Once you get your amount. It is the right time to release your bitcoin to them.
Peer to peer Exchange: This is the safe opinion. Be aware of defrauds and impostors. Use escrow exchange service to ensure safety. A good thing about the peer-to-peer method you want. Local exchange services. Create an advertising campaign for a fee of about 1% sale.
Coinbase Exchange: open an account with Coinbase and link with a bank. The price of fiat currency and BTC price will be depending on your location. you can see the withdrawal limit. If you are an older customer you face more limits.

on every transaction. You have must convert bitcoin into local currency. Remember this method required time to share details about withdraw. as compared to the coin method.


Now you are completely aware of the conversation of 0.05BTC to USD. By following the above instruction. The methods we discussed for dealing with exchange have merits and demerits. The easiest setup is the Coinbase crypto exchange.

There are few open sources of software. Which is recommended by many financial institutions. They have nodes without any security.